Inspirational Daybrightner 365 Days of Believing Bigger Perpetual Calendar

Marshawn Evans Daniels guides you through 365 days of inspiring truths, positive affirmations, and Scripture in her Believing Bigger


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Have you been… limiting yourself? Maybe getting in the way of what heaven has for you due to doubt, fear, or feeling you’re just too flawed?

But you’re not alone! You were made to believe and live bigger, and this DayBrightener will guide you each day of the year toward God’s one-of-a-kind dreams for you as His beloved daughter.

God is awakening something magnificent within you. Whispering truths about who you are, why you matter, and what you are here to do.

In fact, when God says, “yes,” there is not a devil in hell that can say, “no.” So defy the status quo. Defy tradition. And defy gravity. Do what seems impossible, unthinkable, and untimely. Christ defied all the odds, and so should you! The best is within you, and superpowers are indeed waiting to manifest through you. You are a miracle in motion ready to start a movement. May you dare to believe bigger in you too.


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