Our Artists

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Brand Ambassador

Holly Gort

Category: Image Consultant.

Clothing & Accessories

Wired Bird Boutique

Wire Dove Boutique

Category: Apparel & Gifts

Potted Basket

The Potted Basket

Category: Handmade Clothing and Accessories

just BE joyful

Category: Head wraps and knot bows you can wear to dress up any outfit

Jewelry Artists

Egg Carton Crafts

Egg Carton Crafts

Category: One of a Kind Earrings, Girls Jewelry and Tiered Decor Accessories

Remedy Collection

Remedy Collection

Category: Handmade leather earrings

Silver Linings 925

Silver Linings 925

Category: Previously known as Jewelry Junkie * Specializes in handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone rings

Clay Tulips

Clay Tulips

Category: Clay earrings

Katelyn Elyse Designs

Category: Hand crafted jewelry

Mo Makings

Mo Makings

Category: Hand crafted jewelry

Joy Sparks Designs

Joy Sparks Designs

Category: Antique typewriter key jewelry handmade in Michigan.

Soaps & Candles Crafters

Arrowcrest Candles

Arrow Crest Candles

Category: Candles, Room Scents, Candle Melts

Wood Sign Designers

It's About Words

It's About Words

Category: Handmade wooden Signs

EJS Designs

Category: Handmade signs and wreaths

Laser Designers

Roundabout Society

Roundabout Society

Category: Custom Laser design and cutting, personal keepsakes, plaques, cutting boards and more!

Fine Art Artists

Emily Kimball-Wells

Emily Wells

Category: Oil Painting

Art Teacher Holly

Category: Acyrlics

Jenison Art Teacher Deb

Category: Acrylics

Art Pray Love Studio

Category: Quality Prints

Home Decor & More Crafters

Power and Peace Designs

Category: Gifts and Home Decor

Thrive Living Art

Thrive Living Art

Category: Plant Art & Accessories and Macramé

Madeline's Marvel

Category: Decorative Wreaths

Furniture Crafter

Pottery Artists

Stained Glass Designer

Our Glass
& More

Category: Glass art

Art Collectors

Gifted Workshop

The Gifted Workshop

Category: Collector, Art

Repurposed Goods Crafter

Nested Goods

Category: Upcycled & Repurposed goods. Embroider, sewing, painting