Looking For Artists, Crafters, Designers & More!

We’re always looking to help sell and display new and fresh works of art & design. We’ll help promote your works of art on social media when you have a booth with us. Participate in craft night events, or host your very own.
Here are some ideas of what we look for. If you don’t see what you create here, don’t be shy and fill out a vendor form anyways!

We’d love to discuss.

  • Furniture making

  • Sticker designer

  • Wood burning/carving

  • Acrylic/oil paintings

  • Photography

  • Macramé

  • Jewelry

  • Pottery

  • Apparel designer

  • Embroidery/crochet/knitting

  • Seamstress

  • Floral Designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Mixed material design

  • Metal engraving

  • Carpenter

  • Interior designer

  • Candle making

  • Essential oils and bath soaps

  • Soaps

  • Sauces, gravy’s, condiments

  • Sign production

  • Wedding planner

  • Home Stagers

Send us an email or ask a store employee about booth prices and availability.
If you’re a student don’t forget to ask us about our student pricing.
Students have a chance for Pop up booth trials. Sell your items one business day for free.
Valid one time use only.
Email us

Vendor Form

Please fill out this form, with a brief description of what you create, and the inspiration behind your creative process. Please provide us examples of your work. We will then get back to you with more details of pricing and availability of spaces. We look forward to hearing from you!